An old door, a monkey, and a steaming street.

Ed, 12" x 16", Acrylic on canvas panel
Ed, 2012, 12″ x 16″, Acrylic on canvas panel, $300
This is a painting I did from some photos I took in Mount Vernon, WA. Not sure what this building was all about, but I loved the color and this old door. Thinking just a door would have been a tad bit boring, I added Ed, the monkey. Ed came from googling “monkey” and doing several sketches (see below).
When I used to paint from photos I would grid everything out so it would make it easier to get everything in the right place, but more often now I’m just going for it. I’ll sketch it out and adjust the painting as I go. I like this process a lot better because it creates layers of information. It’s not like I’m getting it just right on the first try. The texture on this painting was created by going back over what I had already painted and making corrections two or three times. I’ve always loved paintings where the sketchy under-painting is still visible in the finished work.
One small thing I really like about this painting is the steam rising up in the bottom right corner. I like it because it was totally unintentional. I put a wash of paint on the wall that was too runny and it ran all the way down the painting. Instant steam!
Some monkey sketches