Seating for Two

Seating for Two, 2015
Acrylic on panel
11″ x 14″

With my new acrylic paints and new brushes I set out to give them a try. Two unwanted kitchen chairs in front of the ’65 Ford was my subject. I sketched it out and got the basic composition down. After about one an hour and a half I took a photo with my phone and brought everything into the studio. Bringing the image up on the computer, I proceeded to add detail, focusing on the head light and the left chair. I think I like my new acrylics.

Sprague International I

A pallet knife painting of an old truck.

Sprague International I, 6″ x 8″, Oil on canvas board, Sold
I took some photos of a line-up of old trucks in Spraque, WA. This guy had quite the collection. Here’s a painting of one of the trucks. The photos were taken early morning with snow still on the ground. The trucks were all frosted up. Can ya tell?
This was done with a pallet knife while looking at the photo on the computer. 

Retired Truck 2

An old truck found on while driving around Mount Vernon, WA.

Retired Truck 2, 9" x 12", Oil on canvas board
Retired Truck 2, 9″ x 12″, Oil on canvas board, $200
While driving around and getting lost on some country roads near Mount Vernon, WA I noticed this nice old truck someone had parked in their front yard as lawn art and I took a few pictures with my camera.
I painted this while using one of the pictures as inspiration.
This is an oil painting done with a pallet knife which allows for some pretty gnarly effects.