Ten Pink Roses

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A painting of a thank you gift.

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Ten Pink Roses, 12" x 16", Acrylic on canvas panel
Ten Pink Roses, 12″ x 16″, Acrylic on canvas panel, $400
My wife got these roses for a thank you from a student she worked with. They weren’t in the house long before I decided they really needed to be painted. I knew theses flowers would soon die and go away, but by painting them they live on!
This was the first time I’ve tried to paint roses and it was quite a challenge. I don’t have any of those one-swooping-brush-stroke-pedal techniques, so I just do what I do and tried my best to capture these beautiful shapes. The finished painting ended up having a kind of wispy translucent quality as though there is some kind of breeze blowing them around.
For the set up I put the dog’s pillow behind the flowers for a background. I originally had the table edge going at an angle and you can still see it in the background.
One other funny thing to note is a lot of times about half way through a painting, without even trying, I’ll see some kind of face. Can you find the face I see in this painting?
Here’s a photo of the set up.



Author: Chris Palmen

I’ve been practicing art in one form or another for most of my life and have been painting since about 2003. I do explore other medium but primarily use either acrylic or oil paints.

For me art has always been about the enjoyment of drawing and creating. It’s about challenging my eye, my brain, and my hands to recreate what I am seeing on a two dimensional surface.

So far, my paintings have been influenced by anything resembling old boots. In other words, anything that shows it’s character & history in the cracks and creases caused by use and abuse, weathering and age.

Other than that I paint things that are readily available. Anything around the house that looks interesting enough to keep me painting!