Tones of Barcelona

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Tones of Barcelona, 2015
Acrylic on panel
11″ x 14″

Another nice old tractor planted in a field on off of Road 12. Nobody was home so I ducked under some barbed wire to snap a few quick pics.

I’ve mainly been using synthetic brushes, but I bought a few natural bristle brushes and what a difference. The natural brushes really gave this painting a feeling like it was painted with oils.

Also, for this painting I opted to alter the colors from the photo. I desaturated the image on my screen so all I was looking at was a value photo (just lights and darks, no color). Then using a color scheme from a book “The Designer’s Guide to Color Combinations” I mixed my paints to match those colors instead. I feel this helped simplify the painting and to give it a mood that otherwise wouldn’t have shown up had I painted from the photograph’s colors. I did add some blue which wasn’t in the color scheme to give the painting a little life. Love it!

This painting won Best Painting in the 2015 Soap Lake Winterfest Juried Art Show.

Author: Chris Palmen

I’ve been practicing art in one form or another for most of my life and have been painting since about 2003. I do explore other medium but primarily use either acrylic or oil paints.

For me art has always been about the enjoyment of drawing and creating. It’s about challenging my eye, my brain, and my hands to recreate what I am seeing on a two dimensional surface.

So far, my paintings have been influenced by anything resembling old boots. In other words, anything that shows it’s character & history in the cracks and creases caused by use and abuse, weathering and age.

Other than that I paint things that are readily available. Anything around the house that looks interesting enough to keep me painting!