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DownloadStory - Download all the chapters of a fanfiction story off the web and combine them for later offline reading, or transferring to an iPhone. (Macintosh only)


StoweMorris Webdesign will create a well-designed, professional website for your business at a reasonable price. Sites can be as simple or complex as desired. Domain name registration and web hosting setup are included.

Examples of our work include the following:

Needle Cases

Custom needle cases by StoweMorris are available by special order. Different designs are available for straight, round, or both types of needles, with various fun patterns. To inquire about placing an order, please

Examples of our work include the following (samples are representational only):

Needlecases1 Needlecases2 Needlecases4 Needlecases3 Needlecases6 Needlecases5