DownloadStory v2.0

Created by StoweMorris Software

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DownloadStory downloads and compiles all chapters of a fanfiction story off of some of the biggest fanfiction websites. Once downloaded, the entire story is available even when you are offline - great for installing on an iPhone or Kindle to read on the go, or on your laptop or iPad for airplane trips.

DownloadStory currently supports the following websites:

Once you provide the web page address of the beginning of a story (the first chapter always works, and I try to support index pages as well), DownloadStory will add it to the list of stories being downloaded and start downloading each chapter of the story. Once all chapters have been downloaded, it combines them into one HTML file and saves it into a [Home Folder]/Documents/DownloadStory folder (press the "Show in Finder" button to open this folder from within DownloadStory). At that point it is ready to read using your favorite device or software; for example, loading it on a Kindle, opening it in Safari, or printing it to a PDF and loading it in one of the many iOS apps that support that format.

The DownloadStory app is written in LabVIEW, which means the LabVIEW run-time background software must be installed on your computer to use it. This is a one-time download, and will not do anything else to your computer; no hogging of resources, sending any information over the internet, or anything else negative. The required installer can be found here: LabVIEW Run-Time Engine

Note that the first time you run DownloadStory, you may need to right-click (control-click on a laptop) on the app and select "Open" to reassure the security in the latest operating systems that you are opening an app from an "unidentified developer" on purpose, due to DownloadStory not being published through the Mac App Store (yet).

Please use the "Submit Feedback" button to report any bugs you find or submit feature requests - the great thing about shareware is the personal support! If you prefer, you can email me at Also, I'm hoping that if it is useful to you you'll consider donating a few dollars via the button at the top of the page to support future development. If you do, you'll get rid of the shareware notice, you'll get free upgrades until the next major version release, and you'll inspire more upgrades to the program. If you can't spare any money, just throw me an email if you use DownloadStory often - it's nice to hear when people enjoy using it.

UPDATE NOTES (07/17/2015)